Heater blower fan only works on high / Heater blower fan only works on 4




1. Remove the Glove Box

There are 5 screws holding the glove box in, 3 along the top edge just inside the glove box and 2 on the underside. The screws have Torx heads but they can be removed with the correct size straight slotted screw driver.

Once the screws have been removed pull out the glove box and unplug the connector on the back of the glove box light.


2. Locate the blower motor resistor

Once you have removed the glove box you will see something like this.

The red arrow is pointing up towards the location of the resistor block at the back against the carpet.


3. Remove the resistor block

Unplug the connector and then pull the resistor block out of the duct. You may find it will come out when you try removing the electrical connector as it is only loosly clipped in.

Note when you put the block back in after it has been repaired please be aware it only clips in one way round.

Put the resistor block in a jiffy bag (or similar) with a copy of your Paypal / ebay receipt and then post to us for repair.




Checking the condition of the Pollen Filter, Rain Water Drain, and Blower motor

The resistor block can fail for no appartent reason but it may also fail due to excessive load by the blower motor. It is usually either because of a blocked pollen filter or because the rain water drain grommet below the pollen filter is blocked which in turn lets water into the blower motor.The danger is that if the motor has had water in it then it could be partially seized which in turn may cause the repaired unit to fail prematurely.


Vauxhall Vectra C pollen filter

Vauxhall Vectra C rain water drain hole

1. Checking the condition of the pollen filter and rain water drain

(a) Lift the bonnet on the car and remove the rubber strip indicated by red arrow 1.

(b) Lift the plastic flap indicated by red arrow 2.

(c) Red arrow 3 indicates the location of the rain water drain hole. If it is blocked push a screw driver into the hole and clear the blockage.

(d) Red arrow 4 points to the pollen filter. This one wants replacing as it is black (it should be white).


2. Checking that the blower motor is not seized

With the pollen filter removed you can see the top of the blower motor (shown by red arrow 5). With the ignition key removed from the ignition (for safety), it is worth checking the motor turns freely with by hand.